Mobile Notary Service Oregon Coast

I’m a commissioned notary public Commission No. 1020196 available to provide services in the Newport, Siletz, Lincoln City, Waldport and surrounding areas. If you have a notary need, I am more than happy to come to you or meet you in a convenient public location.

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What is a Mobile Notary Service?

A mobile notary service provides the convenience of a notary agent traveling to your location to officiate and validate your documents. Whether you need rental agreements, form verifications, or any type of official verification, our mobile notary service can come to you and complete the notarization process. Our notary public can meet you at various locations such as libraries, restaurants, hotel lobbies, your place of business, or even your favorite park on a sunny day. To schedule an appointment, simply call or text 541-961-1889. We aim to save you time and offer hassle-free notarization services. to our mobile notary service agents to visit you at your doorstep to complete the notarization process.

Documents that require verification of authenticity or legal certification by a notary public should be notarized. This includes legal agreements, affidavits, deeds, powers of attorney, wills, and other legal documents. Additionally, some financial and business documents, such as loan agreements and contracts, may also require notarization. It is important to check with the relevant authorities or legal professionals to determine if notarization is required for your specific document.

  • Mobile Notary – We travel to your place to save your time and offer convenience and get the documents notarized without any hassle.
  • A mobile notary public travels to the client’s place to notarize the required documents. 
  • We can meet in libraries, restaurants, hotel lobbies, your place of business, and sunny days we can even meet outside at your favorite park

Are you in need of notarizing important documents but can’t seem to find the time to visit a notary office? Our mobile notary service is here to save the day! We travel to your location, whether it’s your home, office, or even your favorite coffee shop, to notarize your documents quickly and efficiently. Our experienced notary public is available to help with various types of documents, from legal agreements to financial and business documents. With our convenient and hassle-free service, you can get your documents notarized without any stress. To schedule an appointment, call or text us at 541-961-1889. Let us take care of the notarization process so you can focus on what matters most!

You can book an appointment by calling or texting 541-961-1889

Our Process

We work by appointment only, We are available weekends, evenings, early morning or on your lunch break,

  • Legal Documents
  • Will and other end of life Documents
  • Business Partnerships
  • Health Documents
  • Insurance Documents
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Financial Documents
  • Single page Document signings  

To expedite the signing of any document,

Clients/Borrowers will need:

  • Oregon Driver’s License
  • Oregon Identification Card
  • Two credible witnesses (for a person who does not have current ID)
  • US valid Passport
  • US Military ID Card
  • Inmate ID Card
  • Other State Driver’s License
  • Other State Identification card
  • Foreign Passports stamped by USCIS

Please review all documents for the correct spelling of names and correct dates.

Our main priority is ensuring our customer’s privacy and securing the documents they have shared with us. Please fill out all the forms other than the signature. We can not advise you on how to fill out the form or what they should include. DO NOT SIGN u your documents prior to the verification process which happen during out meeting.

We reserve the right to refuse service for clients

Signer Disqualifications

This occurs when the signer does not meet certain qualifications for the notarization. These may include:

  • The signer is not medically present, under the influence of any substance, including drug or alcohol
  • The signer cannot be properly identified (see above document list)
  • The signer does not speak English or have a creditable interpreter that will sign oath.
  • The signer is unwilling to swear or affirm the contents of the document for notarizations that require an oath or affirmation
  • You have reason to believe the signer appears to be confused, disoriented or lacks the mental capacity to sign documents
  • ​You have reason to believe that the signer is being coerced to sign, rather than signing of his or her own free will

Document Disqualifications

This occurs when the document doesn’t meet certain requirements. Situations may include: 

  • The document contains blank spaces or missing pages 

Other Disqualifying Situations

Here are several other potential situations when you should refuse the request:

  • You know or suspect the transaction is false, illegal or deceptive
  • The act being requested is not an authorized notarial act
  • The signer is unable or unwilling to pay the required fee


OAR 160-100-0400(1) A notary public shall not charge, attempt to charge, or receive a notary fee that is more than $10 per notarial act:

  • $10 for taking an acknowledgement.
  • $10 for taking a verification upon an oath or affirmation.
  • $10 for certifying a copy of a document.
  • $10 for witnessing or attesting a signature.
  • $10 for protesting commercial paper, except $0 for a check drawn on an insolvent financial institution.
  • $10 for administering an oath or affirmation without a signature.

There is a $10 fee per signature so if two people need to sign the cost is $20 or $10 each for each place they need to sign. Under very limited circumstance the fee can be waiver if a form is fill out prior to the appointment this does not include travel fee

Travel fee: (click on town name to pay)

Travel fee must be paid upon scheduling appointment Click here to pay fee.